spring • summer '17

spring • summer '17

SELA - fashion and accessories

For the past 20 years, SELA has led the Russian fashion market designing trendy, stylish and high quality affordable apparel.

Our bright collections, trendy design and high quality have helped us build a loyal costumer base and become one of Russia’s most recognized brands.

We are a team of creative, like-minded professionals. We design, produce and sell collections of casual apparel and accessories for everyday life. We offer our customers high-quality and comfortable clothing for a reasonable price. We respect our customers and continue our efforts to offer them the best service and experience. This is our philosophy, and corporate culture.

We believe in:
People - our loyal customers, business partners and professional team.
Relationships that are based on simple human values: respect, decency, and diversity.
Honesty, optimism, creativity, commitment and enthusiasm. These are our guiding principles.

SELA collections offer a full assortment of everyday casuals, from outerwear to street wear and sportswear.
SELA offers clothing for the whole family, from adults to teenagers, kids and babies.

SELA was founded in 1991 by two cousins - Boris Ostrobrod and Arkady Pekarevsky as a small family business .Today, SELA is a solid and dynamic company with more than 400 stores in 200 cities in Russia, Kazakhstan, Kirgizstan Ukraine and Belarus.

SELA designs clothes and accessories according to the latest catwalk trends that are adapted to everyday life and to every pocket. Every two weeks SELA stores receive a new shipment of styles and outfits.

Our collection offers

Wide range of products

Bright and daring color palette

Quality products for a fair price