New FW’16/17 collection of the fashion brand SELA tells a story of the cozy autumn and stylish winter. There is no place for the blues: vibrant color range inspires, warming natural materials, and floral prints revive spirits.

Designing the collection, the creative team of the SELA Designer bureau has decided to take a fresh look at the cold season. Following the SELA style it is possible to bravely wear skirts and dresses (they are made from suede), continue street training in sportswear (with fur imitation inside) and choose bright clothes (vibrant color range and floral prints). Business women shall try on hints of femininity in the office capsule, Turgenev damsel — strict geometry of dresses, an auto driver — an elegant fur waistcoat instead of a huge fur coat.

Men shall also not be bored: there are new models of slim fit jeans and pants as well as trending looks for any occasion: an office, a walk or sport.

Children shall want to attend school straightway: it will be difficult to refuse wear clothes “like adults, but cooler” in front of the schoolmates. High school students and senior students shall appreciate the YUONGSTERS capsule, presented by soft sweatshirts, teasing shirts, jeans as well as t-shirts with original prints.