Sela franchising

SELA offers entrepreneurs the opportunity to partner with a global brand and start their own business, based on proven retail tactics and strong corporate support.

Over the past 20 years SELA has built expertise in franchise operation and we bring this expertise to our new and existing partners every day. SELA provides its partners support in all stages of setting up a business. Starting with picking the perfect location, through stock management and advertising campaigns. Our partners get a firsts look at our collection at our seasonal showroom, where they can perform their personal buying selection and consult with the creative team.

SELA offers attractive financing terms and business model which helps our partners maximize growth and revenues.
This makes SELA not only a reliable source of income, but also a true partner dedicated to its partners’ prosperity and wellbeing.

SELA offers its franchises

Set up support:

  • Evaluation of the Partner’s potential locations
  • Store design, lighting design and retail area zoning
  • Partner training and consultation on stock management and business processes
  • A training program on merchandising and sales for the staff
  • Presence and support on store opening

Marketing & communications:

  • Communication materials for store opening
  • Advertising materials for local promotions (pos-materials and local media)
  • Investment in National media campaigns and general brand promotion
  • On going supply of catalogues and other marketing materials
  • An open showroom twice a year