История SELA в 1991 году

The first office of Sela Corporation was opened in Saint-Petersburg, Russia.

Sela Corporation started to develop it’s own brand and to sell it in stores of Saint-Petersburg.


История SELA в 1997 году

Sela Corporation started to build its own trading network.

Sela worked out the documents concerning the development of retail network on franchise basis.

Sela Corporation opened its first own shop in Russia, in St.-Petersburg.


История SELA в 1999 году

The Sela office was opened, development of trading network in Moscow started.


История SELA в 2002 году

Sela Corporation office was opened in Tallinn, Estonia.


История SELA в 2003 году

Sela Corporation office was opened in Ukraine. The 200th Sela Corporation store was opened. Sela won «The Golden Networks of Russia» contest as the best network in clothes and accessory trade. Sela became a laureate of «The Brand of the Year/ Effie 2003» contest. At «The Product of the Year 2003» contest Sela was recognized as the leader in the nomination «For effective development of business and application of new technologies».


История SELA в 2004 году

Sela office was opened in Kazakhstan. The stores were opened in Latvia, Georgia, Kirgizia, Kazakhstan and Pridniestrovie. At «The Golden Networks of Russia» contest Sela trading network was recognized as «The Golden Networks of Russia» again. Sela Corporation is awarded with European prize «For Quality».


История SELA в 2005 году

The Sela stores were opened in Armenia, Moldavia and Belarus. The amount of stores in Ukraine reached 50 stores. Sela was recognized as «The Golden Network of Russia» in the nomination «Youth Clothes». Sela was recognized as «The Brand of the Year» («The Brand of the Year/ Effie 2005») again. In 2005 at the Ukrainian contest «Choice of the Year 2005» Sela brand was awarded with gold medal in nomination «Choice of the Year — Best Stores of Youth Brand».


История SELA в 2006 году

Sela Corporation celebrated 15th anniversary. Sela network counted more than 500 stores. The first Sela stores were opened in Lithuania and Poland. Sela Brand was awarded with the gold medal «Choice of the year 2006».


История SELA в 2007 году

Sela Corporation launched production of cosmetic lines: «Feel the Same», line for body and hair care as well as three SPA cosmetic lines and Sela kids cosmetics. Sela launched a footwear line for men, women and kids. Sela brand was awarded with the gold medal «Choice of the year 2007» again.


История SELA в 2008 году

Sela internet-shop started working. Sela Corporation brings into the market two new concepts: Sela Kids and Sela Mix. The first Sela Mix stores were opened in Saint-Petersburg. The first Sela Kids stores were opened in Moscow, Volgograd, Arkhangelsk and Krasnodar.


История SELA в 2009 году

Establishment of the Central Office of SELA Corporation in Russia. SELA awarded the Tenth Anniversary All-Russian Contest «Best 1000 Enterprises and organizations in Russia and was recognized as» best company in the wholesale and retail trade. " SELA Kids receives professional award PROfashion Awards as «Best Retailer of children’s clothing.»


История SELA в 2010 году

Network SELA Corporation continues to expand in «Russia and the world»!


История SELA в 2011 году

2011 — opening of representative offices in Bangladesh.

SELA — winner of the annual professional prize at the fashion industry PROfashion Awards, in the category «Best monobrend dress casual (all segments)».

69 new SELA stores opened in 48 cities (Russia, Kazakhstan).


История SELA в 2012 году

Opened 50 new stores. Changing product strategy — collections become more fashionable and relevant. SELA took the second place in the ranking of «Top 100 franchises.» Nomination SELA on HR-brand of the year.


История SELA в 2013 году

Running projects e-commerce, started cooperation with major online sites. Course for intensive development — improving the quality of the network. Implementation of the project SELA TV — online training webinars for all employees of the Corporation throughout the world, as well as franchise partners. Open its own retail stores in Moscow, Ufa, Yaroslavl, Volgograd and other cities.


История SELA в 2014 году

SELA launched a new corporate website. The story continues...