Sela Corporation, one of the recognized leaders in designing clothes collections in casual style in mid-price segment, is keen to develop partnerships with Russian manufacturing companies.

The sourcing of factories manufacturing various types of goods is currently in progress

Range of items T-shirts, socks, tights, underwear, textile garments, knitted and cut garments, head wear and accessories and so on.
Ordering volume From 50 000 garments
Production period Annually March, April, May on fall collection of the current year and September, October, November on Spring collection of the next year
Design According to the drafts of the client (adherence to drafts)
Colors, printing By pantone of the client, strictly in accordance with the technical documentation
Age and Gender categories Men, women, youth and children
The workflow on final product Not a job-processing contract, all the components- raw material, thread, composition label, size label, packaging, baskets, scotch tape and so on, shall be purchased by the manufacturer, only labels and tags with brand logo may be supplied.
Terms of payment 10% pre-payment , the rest 90 % upon receipt of goods to our warehouse.
Goods delivery to the client’s warehouse Goods delivery to the client’s warehouse shall be effected by the manufacturer.
Offers shall be considered strictly from the companies which own garment manufactures on the territory of the Russian Federation and countries of the near abroad and have well-functioning communication with raw material suppliers.

All the interested parties are requested to send the information in the form of table:

Foto Composition Fabric description (Grammage,etc.) Min Quantity Price Comments
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